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For playing in competitions, please check which ones you are eligible to play in and which ones require you to sign your name on a starting sheet.



- maximum handicap 24.

  • Boys to play from the yellow tees.
  • Girls to play from the red tees.

These 9 hole competitions are designed for younger beginners who are not yet ready to play a full 18 holes.

  • All juniors paying in a 9 hole competition are to play from the orange tees.

There will be two categories:

  • Ages 12 and under.
  • Ages 13 and over.



To have the correct equipment and to behave appropriately:

  • Each player MUST have their own set of golf clubs (the maximum number of clubs permitted to be carried during a round of golf is 14.)
  • Each players should ensure that they have enough golf balls, tees, ball markers and, in particular, a pitch mark repair tool, before they commence play.
  • All players are reminded to care for the course.  This means replacing divots, using the divot boxes on the tees (usually found on the par 3 holes,) repairing pitch marks on the greens and raking bunkers after a shot has been played.
  • Suitable clothing (particularly a waterproof garment in the event of wet weather) and correct golf shoes should be worn.  Golf shoes provide greater grip, stability and usually will prevent water penetrating to the foot.
  • Golf is a game based on integrity and honesty and practices some of the highest values in sport. Therefore, as a golfer, you are to conduct yourself appropriately at all times.  Be courteous and polite to your fellow players and show respect to your playing partners/opponents.  Bad language, bad behaviour, including throwing clubs or any deliberate and intentional misuse of your equipment will not be tolerated and maybe referred to the relevant Committee where disciplinary action maybe taken.



You must record at least three cards on the system in any one year to maintain a competition handicap.

Unless you have an official CONGU handicap from another Club you need to put three cards on the system before you can compete in any Club competitions.  This can be done either by playing in a competition (without officially entering) or by playing supplementary rounds.  (Please note: only one supplementary round can be played in a 7 day period).  It is important to have a good understanding of the rules of golf, an excellent website to obtain information from is the R&A website.  Rule books are available from the Club office or Pro Shop.

To enter a competition or to sign in for a supplementary score please use one of the two touch screen computers.  One is located in the Pro Shop (use this one to sign in for competitions) and the other is located near the office.  As soon as you have finished your round then you can add your score on to the system.  Once your score is uploaded then you must put your card in the box outside the main office for verification.