Dulwich & Sydenham Hill Golf Club

Dulwich and Sydenham Hill GOLF CLUB

Course Care

To keep our Golf Course in top condition, it is imperative that we care for the course in the proper way.  Sometimes, repairing something the wrong way can damage it more.  Please see below for a few tips on how to care for the course.


If a divot is taken, replace the divot and gently press it down with your foot.  Cover with a little sand to aid the growing process.

If the divot is shattered, please fill with sand.

If you take a large divot on the teeing ground (especially par 3’s) please fill with sand.


Always start at the back of the mark and push forward with the repairer.

Use repairer around all sides and slowly ease turf towards the centre of the mark, do not lift the soil upwards.

Lightly tap down with putter.


Leave the bunker in the condition that you would like to find it.  This means:

Entering and existing the bunker at its lowest point, not climbing down the highest point.  This damages the wall and ball gets plugged easier.

Raking the bunker after your shot, and raking all of the marks you made, not just the divot.

Playing a bad shot is no reason not to rake the bunker.  Please be respectful of other members.

After raking the bunker, please leave the rake in the bunker at the lowest point, with the head of the rake facing the green.


Do not lift the ball out of the hole with your putter head.

Please take care around G.U.R. marked areas, and don’t take trolleys into the G.U.R. area.

Greenkeepers always have the right of way.

If you take down a rope around the green to play your shot, please restore the rope to how it was.

Do not take down the rope around the green to take your trolley through – the rope is there to protect the area and stop traffic.  Please walk around.

Please always keep buggies and trolleys off the teeing ground and green.


Golfers are to wear an appropriate standard of ‘smart’ clothing
whilst playing on the course, as reference to items which are
generally accepted by most recognised clubs and generally available for purchase in professionals’ shops. Golf shoes are to be worn.

  • Men are not to wear street or suit socks but to wear sports socks when wearing shorts. Athletic, ‘combat’ or ‘cargo’ shorts, trainers, tracksuits, and blue denim clothing are not permitted. Notices explaining dress codes are available on the Club notice boards. If in doubt all members should ask in the professional shop for guidance.
  • Recognised golf attire is required for all players, this includes golf branded roll neck tops and hoodies.
  • Sports shirts (such as football shirts, rugby shirts, T shirts) are not permitted.
  • Trousers such as denim jeans, cargo pants, combat trousers or tracksuits are not acceptable.
  • Golf shoes with spikes or dimples are required on the course.
  • Hats, if worn, should not to be worn back-to-front.
  • Appropriate golf socks should be worn.
  • Men’s shirts should be recognised golfing attire, with either long or short sleeves and are to be tucked in to trousers or shorts.
  • Men’s shorts should be tailored.
  • Ladies sleeveless shirts are permitted and may be worn outside shorts etc if so designed.
  • Ladies skorts, dresses, skirts and capri pants are permitted.


19th Bar, TV room and balcony — golf clothing that has clearly suffered from the elements should not be worn anywhere upstairs in the clubhouse. With this exception golfing attire is acceptable upstairs in the 19th bar, TV room and balcony where spikes are allowed as long as they have been cleaned and do not carry detritus.

Lounge area — ‘Formal attire’ and ‘smart casual clothing’ are equally acceptable at most times. Most members are generally aware of what is regarded as ‘smart casual’ and are therefore asked to both follow and respect the majority of members by complying with this. Flip-flops and tracksuits are not regarded as smart casual and therefore not permitted. ‘Formal attire’, in the lounge area may be required on a number of specific occasions which will be clearly designated as such.

The following are not permitted in the clubhouse:

  • Trousers such as cargo pants, combat trousers or tracksuits.
  • Beach style shorts.
  • T-shirts and team sports shirts, including rugby and football shirts or hats.
  • Wet or muddy golf wear.
  • Golf shoes, including those with soft spikes are only allowed in the 19th bar accessed via terrace and outer stairs.

Please be respectful of staff or other members if they draw attention to the above dress code.

Mobile Phones

Members, guests and visitors are required to comply with the following mobile phone regulations.


Please leave mobile phones on silent mode.

Conversations should not distract or hold up other players..


The use of mobile phones is permitted.

Out of courtesy, patrons are asked to conduct any phone conversations well away from others.

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